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IconePlacement Test
Choose the best alternative

Elementary Test

1. Simon .... very tall.
2. She .... like football very much.
3. How .... does one lesson cost?
4. There .... a big supermarket next to my house.
5. I .... agree with you.
6. Neil can't .... tennis. He's broken his arm.
7. .... some more tea?
8. The kids … lunch right now.
9. What’s your mom like?
10. The teacher is preparing … tests.
Intermediate Test

11. Last week we .... to Warsaw.
12. I .... the film we saw at the cinema on Wednesday.
13. Magda .... in England for her holiday last year.
14. My mother .... never been to a cricket match.
15. Joanna .... her new mobile phone.
16. .... ever seen a comet?
17. If I were rich, I .... buy a huge farm in Somerset.
18. They .... pass their exam if they studied hard.
19. I wish I .... play a musical instrument.
20. Jane is the assistant …. desk is in front of mine.
21. The plays … by William Shakespeare are very tragic.
22. All the garbage produced here …totally …. .
23. Those businessmen … gray is checking in for the conference.
24. How often do you go abroad?
25. That is the greatest picture you’ve ever … .
Upper Intermediate Test

26. When Gregory arrived at the disco, Hania ..... .
27. If I ..... on holiday to Poland, I wouldn't have met Donata.
28. By the time you get this letter I .... .
29. A: What are you doing tonight? B: I'm not sure, I .... to the cinema.
30. Simon forgot .... the lights before he left.
31. It's no use .... to him. He doesn't listen.
32. Karla was offered the job .... having poor qualifications.
33. The offer was too good for David to turn .... .
34. Eric's father ordered him .... out late again.
35. If only I .... to the barbecue instead of staying at home.
36. Did Kelly let her parents down when she dropped out of college?
37. Terry … the work is not her cup of tea.
38. This semester my family is looking forward … somewhere off the beaten path.
39. Had Kate and Pete met before?
40. The test was so easy that I could do it … .
Advanced Test

41. Not only ..... to London but she also visited many other places in England.
42. My sister ..... regretted turning down the chance of studying at the Teacher Training College in Gorzów.
43. Now remember, you ..... the test until the teacher tells you to.
44. She wasn't ...... to reach the ceiling.
45. He was thought .... the disease in Hong Kong.
46. My flat .... as soon as possible. It's in an awful state.
47. He eventually managed .... the door by kicking it hard.
48. There's no point .... staying up all night if your exam is tomorrow.
49. Rarely .... meat.
50. John Graham …. the best player of the season.
Upper Intermediate Test